Camp Dates

Camp RAD is offered from June 10th to August 16th.   We do hire Seasonal full-time and part-time counselors.   You must be 15 years or older to apply to Camp RAD.  Each staff member is required to attend several camp orientation days held shortly before the start of camp.  References are required for all new staff.  State background checks are performed annually for all staff.

Camp Rad Summer Day Camp

Camp RAD Staff

We believe that a great camp experience begins with outstanding staff.  Our groups are supervised by skilled, kind and compassionate counselors who bring out the best in everyone.  We know that recruiting and returning quality staff is integral to making camp so special each summer. 

Why work at Camp RAD?

When you are hired as a member of our RAD team, we expect the following values;  enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility, and respect for the camp.  You specialize in nurturing the social and emotional lives of our campers.  

Join the Camp RAD family to make friends, be outside, and help children reach their potential.  Our staff leads by example, participates in all activities, and uses their experience to a make Camp RAD everyone's home for the summer.  We look forward to our staff returning each summer as stronger and more confident individuals and leaders. 

How do I apply?
Camp RAD is the perfect place for you to learn and grow as an individual and professional. 

Please fill out our application and New Counselor Questionnaire. You can send both forms to Kelly at

Senior Counselor Description

Junior Counselor Description




New Counselor Questionnaire