Frequently Asked Questions

What are the camp sessions?

Our 2024 season runs from Monday, June 10th and ends on Friday, August 16th.  (We will be closed Thursday, July 4th.) Consecutive weeks are not required. Our minimum daily requirement is 3 days per week.

What are the camp hours?
Camp hours are 9:00AM to 3:30PM. For an additional fee parents may drop off campers between 7:30AM to 9:00AM for early care and pick them up at after care between 3:30PM to 5:30PM. This is a flexible program so your child does not have to be preregistered.  The fee is $2 every 15 minutes per child.  (Discounts available if using weekly)

What are the ratios of campers to counselors in each group?
Our ratios vary depending on each campers age. Our 4 to 5 year-old groups have a six campers to every staff member. Our 6 to 8 year-old groups have an eight campers to every staff member.  In our 9 to 12 year-old groups there are ten campers to every staff member.  Groups are staffed with a head counselor (college age or older) and junior counselors (15+).

What about water and sunscreen?
We have water jugs placed around the camp property. We teach the importance of hydration and take many water breaks throughout the day. We encourage campers to bring a water bottle and fill them throughout the day.  We suggest you apply sunscreen to your camper before coming in the morning and it will be reapplied before/after swim periods and in after care.

Do you screen your staff?

Every staff member is thoroughly interviewed and references are checked upon being hired.   We also require that all staff pass the national criminal and child abuse background check and online workshop on recognizing child abuse.  Our staff is also CPR certified.

What do I need to send to camp every week?
Campers should wear sneakers and his/her camp shirt every day. We recommend that the camper wear a bathing suit to camp under their clothes.  (Girls- 2-piece bathing suit) In their backpack, campers should pack a towel, flip flops to wear to/from the pool, sunscreen and a water bottle.

Is your camp competitive?
We believe that competition provides great opportunities for both teaching and learning.  Our campers learn more than how to handle success and failure; they learn merits of hard work, sportsmanship, and perseverance. We teach campers to strive to be their best, as we focus on attitude and being positive.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone at camp?
One of the primary goals of child development is learning to make friends. We think camp is perfect for meeting new people and making new friends. Our counselors are trained to facilitate good relationships between children and are dedicated to helping each child to make friends at camp. Each Monday is treated as the start of a new session, and new campers are made to feel welcome.

How do you handle medical emergencies?
Head Counselors handle minor bumps and scraps at camp.  An Incident Report will be provided to parents at pick up should first aide attention be required by a camper during the day.  If more significant illness or injury occurs, parents will be contacted immediately and emergency personal called if necessary.  We will not administer medicine unless you have sent in a note with your child or we reach you by phone to give permission.

What food do you provide?  Are you Peanut Free?
You will send a snack for regular day and after care if your child attends.  You will send your child with a lunch everyday.  We do put lunches in a fridge until lunch time.  We do not have anyway to heat up your child's lunch. We are peanut free.  Please do not send any products with your child that contain peanuts.

Will I be able to change my child’s schedule?
Our policies are designed to give families maximum flexibility while considering the realities of camp enrollment. We accommodate schedule change requests until May 10th, 2024. (Adding days are dependent upon space availability). After May 10th, all schedules are considered final.

Can I cancel my child’s registration?
All payments, less the $50 registration fee per camper, are refundable on or before May 10th and must be requested by calling Camp RAD or emailing the director.  Refunds of camp fees are not provided after May 10th, 2024 for any reason, including, without limitation: absences, suspensions, dismissals, or withdrawals.    After May 10th, no refunds will be issued, and all unpaid fees shall be due and payable in the amounts and at the times designated in the contract.  For extended illness, refunds will be on a per day basis beginning after the third day of absence.  A letter from a physician is required for a refund.  Refunds are written 30 days from the written request. 

What is your tax ID #?
As a reminder, day camp tuition is eligible for child care/dependent care reimbursement through your employer or as a straight deduction on your taxes. Most camp families take advantage of this and many pay less than 50% of their tuition out of pocket.  Our tax ID # is 811710012.